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Real Aurora Borealis in Finland

Real. unfiltered. captivating.

This is where real aurora prints can be found.

Each photo captures authentic aurora moments. No heavy edits, just the raw beauty of nature. There is a true story attached to each print.


My name is Ove Lillas and I am the photographer of Nordland Aurora. My mission is to bring you the wonder of the northern lights – just as if you were there!

Ove Lillas, photographer
Northern Lights Stories ebook cover

Download your free ebook and follow me on my excursions to capture the beauty of the Nordic landscape and the Aurora Borealis.

 62 pages filled with stunning, authentic photos and the true stories about the situations when they were taken.


“I was stunned by the amazing beauty of the shot. The moment captured was pure magic and I knew I had to have a copy. Ordering the print from Ove was easy as he provided a personalized experience. It arrived safely and in perfect condition. Embrace is now displayed in our home and I love to pause and admire the truly magical moment of this beautiful Nordic scene.”

Shannon Whittemore, USA

Aurora print hanging on wall


First Time Aurora 3.jpg

Friday 12 April 2024

Want to see the northern lights?

Many visitors in my region have that desire. I have 3 things to offer that might help them. These services will show up on Nordland Aurora's website in a week or so. Want to know what they are?

1. Aurora 100 – The Indoor Aurora Show

2. Aurora Tour – see the northern lights for real

3. Pay a Visit to the Aurora Photographer – come and visit me in my studio and look at my aurora photos.


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