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Dispite temperatures below –20° Celsius (–4° F) I was eager to head out with my camera, partly because it was so cold. I like to experience that at least once every winter. It was by far the coldest day of the winter so far. It was –25° C when I headed out at 8:30 pm. 

As I approached the coastline it became a little warmer, around –21°. Before the sea gets completely frozen, which eventually happens during a normal winter here in Nykarleby, Finland, it has a heating effect close to the coastline. The water is, obviously, warmer than the air.

I had some hopes to see the northern lights but I knew the data wasn’t great. I thought there would still be a chance for some activity during the evening. There was not much auroral activity although it was visible as a diffuse arch. During the two hours I spent there nothing changed by the northern horizon. The arch was present but nevery turned into a dancing aurora. 

I had a hand warmer in my right glove – the one I now and then remove to operate the camera – and I put one in my left shoe when my foot felt cold. I had a lot of clothes but I felt I could have had even one more layer. On the other hand by moving constantly it’s not that hard to keep warm.

I heard the sound of the ice growing but only on a distance. It was actually a little difficult to see wether there was a thin ice layer or not. Of course, close to the waterline and inside lagoons such as shown in this photo the ice was already there. Not strong enough to walk upon, though. 

I saw this pattern of round ice blocks in the water right when I arrived. I planned on having those in the foreground when the aurora became stronger. That never happened. I took photos on the rocks for an hour before moving the camera close to this artificial lagoon to capture the ice pattern. These round ice shapes were acually floating and were not yet attached to each other by the ice. They kept on moving slowly with the tiny waves making this crisp icy sound as they touched each other. Apart from that it was totally quiet.

As I decided it was time to leave and go home I placed my camera at the inner edge of the lagoon and pointed it straight towards the mast on the other side of the inlet …

- - -


Frozen Lagoon

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