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About Nordland Aurora

My name is Ove Lillas and I am the owner and sole photographer behind Nordland Aurora. Capturing the northern lights and the Nordic landscape is my passion and I want everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature in their everyday life. An authentic photo print without heavy manipulations is a jewel on you wall. 

Please read on to learn more about me and what I do and why and how I do it.

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There are lots of aurora photos online that are heavily edited, to the point that they no longer look like they were seen with naked eye. And then A.I. generated images have become more and more common. This may mislead people into thinking it's how the northern lights look. But then something is lost.

My mission is to bring you the real thing. No manipulations or heavy editing. No A.I. generated images. Just pure visual authenticity.

There is a story attached to each photo in my webshop. This is the real story about the situation when the photo was taken. The more you know about that—the more the photo will come alive.


In 2015 I started taking photos of the northern lights (first pics shown here). I am a professional photographer, and when I discovered this specific field of photography everything fell into place. I realized I had found my passion, something I wanted to explore and develop.

 I knew the global interest for the Aurora Borealis was huge, and I started making plans to open a webshop where my photos could be bought as prints. It was launched in October 2017 and was initially called Nordic Landscape.

   In 2023 I changed the name to Nordland Aurora and rebuilt my website. 

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How I work

In my region (Nykarleby, Finland) the northern lights can be seen 20–30 times during one season. I am constantly following the solar activity and when the aurora appears I'm out in the darkness capturing it.

This means a lot of waiting, a lot of driving and a lot of shooting. But I am careful when selecting photos for my webshop. Only the best is good enough.

The editing process is simple and my aim is to present the northern lights as they were seen. The camera is better than the human eye to see colors. I do not desaturate my photos for that reason.


And remember—the northern lights is a huge phenomenon seen in total darkness, while as a picture of it is small and seen in light conditions. Adjustments in contrast might be necessary to maintain the “wow” effect of seeing this amazing natural wonder.

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  • Nordland Aurora is a registered brand under the Crealio Design company.

  • VAT-number: FI13982680

  • Crealio Design was founded by Ove Lillas in 1996.

  • Nordland Aurora started as Nordic Landscape in 2017.

  • The Nordland Aurora brand was registered in 2023.

  • Owner: Ove Lillas

  • Address: 
    Nordland Aurora
    Topeliusesplanaden 12 A
    FI-66900 Nykarleby

  • Contact:
    Phone +358 50 5740577

I'm here to give you a piece of the amazing aurora.

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