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An authentic photo print. This photo has a mystical feel about it. It was taken in a remote place and the dead trees made the scene look surreal, especially when the northern lights became the backdrop.  No AI generated edits or manipulations. Just as it was captured by the camera.  



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DELUXE photos are available in several sizes (choose from the Select menu) and are printed on High Quality Fine Art Paper. They are signed on the front side and numbered as well as signed on the backside. With the Deluxe photo comes a Certificate of Authenticity which proves that the number is authentic and made by me. A signed and numbered artwork is always an investment. Deluxe photos are delivered in a tube.



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STANDARD + POSTCARD SET is a 30x20 cm (12”x8”) photo plus a set of 6 Northern Lights postcards (3 different pictures x 2).




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THE DEAD FOREST – Authentic Aurora Photo Print

PriceFrom 38,00€
  • This is one of the creepiest places I have visited at night. But at the same time a truly unique and fascinating setting. Follow me to The Dead Forest.


    Getting here is not easy. It’s in the middle of a big bog that you have to cross. A bog is extremely wet and you always risk getting wet feet. Even in winter there can be water under the snow. When I took the photo there was a 40 centimeter thick layer of snow, but the snow had come in November before the bog had frozen, so the ground was isolated from the cold winter weather and would not freeze unless the snow first melted and it became cold again.


    Fortunately, I had skis so I managed to get here, but it was tough due to all the loose snow. 


    I made a camp fire and grilled a sausage before I made it all the way to the dead forest. I had seen it before, in a summer setting, so I knew it would be perfect as a foreground to the northern lights.


    Being alone at a remote place in the wilderness in the middle of the night can be a little scary until you’re getting used to it. I have passed that phase and now I enjoy it to the full. But skiing right into this collection of dead trees was actually a little creepy …

    - - -


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