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The author Zacharias Topelius was born in this house on January 14 1818. He is known for his children’s books. The house is called Kuddnäs and it is now a museum.

I had wanted to capture the aurora at Kuddnäs for quite a while but several factors had to work together before it could be done. This night everything fell into place: the northern lights rose high enough to be seen above the house, we had snow and moon was almost full, creating this magical light that suited the place perfectly. And it happened to be the night after Zacharias Topelius’ birth date!

I had already been out on an Aurora shoot earlier that evening, but it was not very spectacular. And when clouds came in I thought that was it. 

But I had no idea what would happen.

I was about to go to bed at 12.30 am when I looked out and saw an amazing show going on. I had my pajama shirt on and put on my outdoor clothing over my pajama shirt and jumped in the car and went right to the museum. 

As expected I was the only one at the museum so I could work freely and move around as I wished. It was just below 0 degrees Celisus (32°F). The wind was harsh but it didn’t bother me. 

I thought about what it meant to capture the northern lights above Topelius’ childhood home. He referred to the northern lights in several poems and children’s stories. How suitable it was to capture the amazing phenomenon right there!

I pointed my camera at the other buildings at the museum, as the aurora constantly was seen both in the west and in the east. Funnily I could see very little auroral activity to the north …

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The Poet's Dream

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