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Aurora 100 – an indoor Aurora experience

Aurora 100

Aurora 100

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Aurora 100 is a complete indoor Aurora experience with useful facts and loads of photos of the very best Northern Lights. It includes a slideshow, a lecture, stories about photos and an opportunity to ask your questions.



In Western Finland the Northern Lights are not visible more than a couple of times a month during the Aurora season, which is from September to April. Aurora 100 makes that possibility no less than 100%, hence the name.

My studio has a capacity of 10 people but the Aurora show is mobile. I can give it in English or Swedish. The experience is a mix of photos, music, storytelling and a proper lecture. After one hour you will know a lot a bout the Northern Lights and you will have seen the very best Auroras that are out there. It's an experience as close to the real thing as possible if you cannot see the Aurora on the night sky.

It's now available also as a live streaming show. It's not pre-recorded but real live.

This means anyone anywhere can book the show at the same cost as if it would be at my studio.


1. Introduction (5 minutes)

2. Slideshow. “How does it feel to see the Northern Lights? (7 minutes)

3. Lecture. “Four key factors when looking for the Northern Lights” (15 minutes)

4. The true stories about two selected Aurora photos. (15 minutes)

5. Questions and answers (15 minutes)

The programme can be customized according to your requests.



I am constantly checking the Aurora forecasts and know when there's a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. If you are interested in a real Aurora Safari please contact me and I'll keep you updated on the chances. An Aurora Safari typically starts at 10 pm and ends at 2 am. I will take you to a totally dark place with a good view to the north without any disturbing light pollution 15 to 30 minutes drive from Nykarleby.

PRICES excluding VAT


Aurora 100 show at Nordland Aurora's studio at Topeliusesplanaden 12 A, Nykarleby:

8am – 4pm 250 €

other times 350 €

Capacity: 1–10 people


Aurora 100 show at your location:
380 € 
+ travel costs 0,53 euro/km (car)

Aurora 100 live stream. I stream the aurora show from my office, you can watch it ANYWHERE INT THE WORLD! I do this live and is available for Q&A at the end.

280 € 

Book online

Student groups: Ask for special offer (

Aurora Safari: Contact me for further information (

Contact me on if you have any questions.


“Your Aurora show was better than the fireworks.” – A woman at an Aurora 100 show in Canada in July 2018

“I needed something exclusive for an event that I hosted. Ove was the perfect fit and he was sensitive to the audience and gave them an interactive show where everybody was involved.” – Event host in a big organisation in Jakobstad, Finland 2020

“Now I really understand what the Northern Lights are. I tried to find out from the Internet but didn't understand much until I saw your show.” – A teacher from France visiting Finland with her students in May 2018

“I imagine it to be magical, like a fairy tale.”
– A student from France on the question “How would you expect it to feel like to see the Northern Lights in the sky?” The Northern Lights didn't appear during her week in Finland in January 2018 but she got to see them through the Aurora 100 show.

”Vi rekommenderar varmt Aurora 100 till andra läroanstalter. Ove hade ett fint pedagogiskt grepp, han var disponerad och en bra berättare. Showen var omväxlande och den tangerade flera läroämnen. Det är intressant att höra en engagerad berättare, bilderna är mycket vackra och innehållet kan inspirera till fortsatt forskning inom olika läroämnen i skolan. Våra studerande tyckte om den och deltog aktivt med frågor.” – Viola Storbacka, Kronoby gymnasium

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