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This experience went deeper than seeing the Northern Lights normally do. The three day aurora forecast gave a tiny hint that something could happen but the data in my aurora app did not suggest any activity at all. I went to a friend’s house at 8 PM and we took a kicksled each and headed out on the ice. It was –10 degrees Celsius and no wind. The ice was thick in the inlet where we started, but we stayed close to the shoreline and kept observant for cracks.

Suddenly we ran onto thin ice, flooded with water. We had reached a crack in the ice and had to stop. I took a few shots of some rocks and saw a faint green light on my camera display, not visible to the naked eye.

We turned around and went in the opposite direction when the aurora became stronger and started moving. I took photo after photo of it.

We headed to a rock where we enjoyed the rest of the show. The whole situation was very unique. What made it so special was the sound of the ice. It’s the sound of cracks appearing when the ice is growing thicker or when the water level under it change ...

- - -

The Ice Concert

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    The STANDARD photos are available in two sizes (choose from the Select menu) and are printed on standard high quality photo paper (matte or glossy depending on what suites the photo best). They are signed on the back side. Standard photos are not numbered and do not come with a Certificate of Authenticity or the Full Story (see the Deluxe photo info below).

    The DELUXE photos are available in two sizes (choose from the Select menu) and are printed on High Quality Fine Art Paper. They are signed on the front side and numbered as well as signed on the backside. With the Deluxe photo comes a Certificate of Authenticity which proves that the number is authentic and made by me. A signed and numbered artwork is always an investment. Deluxe photos are delivered in a tube.

    STANDARD + POSTCARD SET is a 300x200 mm (11.8”x7.8”) photo plus a set of 6 Northern Lights postcards (3 different cards x 2).

    All photos in the Nordic Landscape webshop are taken by me.

    I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. You can email me on

    Ove Lillas, photographer



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