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An authentic photo print of the northern lights of Finland. The aurora print will be a jewel on your wall displaying one of the most amazing natural phenomenons on our planet. No AI generated edits or manipulations. Just as it was captured by the camera. A magical moment made permanent. 



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STANDARD photos are available in two sizes (choose from the Select menu) and are printed on high quality photo paper (matte or glossy depending on what suites the photo best). They are signed on the back side. Standard photos are not numbered and do not come with a Certificate of Authenticity or the Full Story (see the Deluxe photo info below).


DELUXE photos are available in two sizes (choose from the Select menu) and are printed on High Quality Fine Art Paper. They are signed on the front side and numbered as well as signed on the backside. With the Deluxe photo comes a Certificate of Authenticity which proves that the number is authentic and made by me. A signed and numbered artwork is always an investment. Deluxe photos are delivered in a tube.



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STANDARD + POSTCARD SET is a 30x20 cm (12”x8”) photo plus a set of 6 Northern Lights postcards (3 different pictures x 2).




Prints are unframed. For more info about shipping, unpacking and framing: See Terms and Conditions.

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All photos in the Nordland Aurora webshop are taken by me.

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SILENT GREEN – Authentic Aurora Print

PriceFrom 38,00€
  • This aurora photo was shot on 30 January 2017 at 00:24 in Nykarleby, Finland. I saw the Northern Lights from my house but I knew I had to put my one-year-old son to bed before I could drive away from the light-polluted small town where I live.   When I arrived at the harbour I thought, as I often do, that I was too late.


    I could only see a few wisps of the Northern Lights but they hadn’t finished dancing quite yet. After half an hour they grew stronger again and formed this wonderful shape that you see here. This night it was very quiet. The only sound I could hear was the strange, almost scary, rumbling sound as the ice shifted with the changing water levels. It’s hard to describe it but I call it the “monster sound”.


    I remember it was cold so I had to keep moving during the long exposures to keep warm. After an hour of shooting at the harbour I felt quite satisfied with what I had. This photo which turned out to be the best shot that night and it’s one of my personal favourites. I decided to call it Silent Green since it was taken on a very calm night and the green colour was unusually intense.


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