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The photo was taken on 28 March 2017 at 00:46 in Nykarleby, Finland.


The Aurora forecasts were promising and I could see the green light from the balcony of my house. But it almost faded away before I could make my way out in the darkness. I decided to try a new location this time and that proved to be a good choice. I knew the small harbour would be a nice place with its boats up on land.


The sea was all covered in ice and it was still at least one month until the fishing season could start. When I arrived at around 23:30 the Aurora was like a green cloud in the north. Right before midnight it started getting stronger again. I started shooting but it wasn’t easy due to the strong wind. I tried to put my body weight on the tripod to prevent it from shaking.


Suddenly the Aurora filled the sky with green, yellow and violet light! It was moving fast. Unfortunately that is impossible to capture with a camera. I tried different angles and the shots with these sleeping boats and the little grill house gave me a nice foreground.  I realized this had been one of the most amazing Northern Lights I had ever seen.


The complete story comes only with the Deluxe version so you can learn everything about it and be able to tell the story to anyone who sees it on your wall.

Flying Light

PriceFrom 43,00€


    The STANDARD photos are available in two sizes (choose from the Select menu) and are printed on standard high quality photo paper (matte or glossy depending on what suites the photo best). They are signed on the back side. Standard photos are not numbered and do not come with a Certificate of Authenticity or the Full Story (see the Deluxe photo info below).

    The DELUXE photos are available in two sizes (choose from the Select menu) and are printed on High Quality Fine Art Paper. They are signed on the front side and numbered as well as signed on the backside. With the Deluxe photo comes a Certificate of Authenticity which proves that the number is authentic and made by me. A signed and numbered artwork is always an investment. Deluxe photos are delivered in a tube.

    STANDARD + POSTCARD SET is a 300x200 mm (11.8”x7.8”) photo plus a set of 6 Northern Lights postcards (3 different cards x 2).


    All photos in the Nordic Landscape webshop are taken by me.

    I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. You can email me on

    Ove Lillas, photographer




    Should the product be damaged at delivery or you be unhappy with it in any way please let us know and we will take care of it. You may return the product to us and we will send you a new one and refund the postal costs. In case you would not want to exchange the product we will refund all your expences when we recieve the returned product. No questions asked. For further instructions, please contact Nordic Landscape on

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