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The Magical Arctic Light

The Arctic light made me speechless.

That's why I won't use many words this time. The photos and the captions will speak for themselves. Let me just say this: the visual experience of my trip to Riisitunturi National Park exceeded every expectations. And they were high to begin with.

I knew the beauty of the polar night would be something special, and I have seen it before, but it was beyond words.

Please enjoy the photos!


Ps. If you are curious on the story of this first photo, please click here to read about it.

Snowy trees in an arctic morning light
At 9 AM the darkness gave way to the faint morning light revealing all these creature like trees that stood silently and watched over the arctic landscape.

Sun halo in an arctic snowy landscape
There was a sunlight halo seen as a light pillar going straight up from the horizon. This was just a few minutes before the sun reached the horizon. The sun would only be seen for a short time because it escaped behind the mountain as it moved in a very flat angle over the horizon.

Snowy trees in Lapland
Even after sunrise we spent most of the day in the shadow of the not very high Riisitunturi mountain. This was how the days looked. Amazing from start to finish.

Snowy trees and the full moon. Skiers in Lapland.
The moon was visible all the time. In the daytime it was seen between the trees and in the night it rose high in the sky.

Snowy trees in the lappish twilight
Noon. I couldn't help myself. I had to take another shot. And another. And another...

Hiking in Lapland.
The sun was about to set. But the snow made it so bright. We didn't have to use our head torches.

Moon halo in Lapland.
Even the moon had its light pillar going straight down. It was even seen in front of the landscape. The darkest point of the day was around 4 pm when the sun had set two and a half hours ago but the moon hadn't risen very high yet.


This photo is available as a print. Click the link to learn more about sizes and prices. And read the story about it.


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