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A Winter Day in Finland

This time of the year it seems the sunlight is just as rare as the northern lights. The sun does not rise over the treetops at 10:30 am and it disappear behind them already at around 2:30 pm. That’s four hours of sunlight, during which the sun is only just above the horizon. A winter day in Finland in December is short and you miss it unless you go out during those few hours of sunlight.

Arctic December sunrise in Finland
The sun just reaching over the treetops at 11 AM.

And with a lot of cloudy weather for weeks it feels like the sun has become an obscure light phenomenon that you rarely is lucky enough to see.

That’s how the days of December and January are in my town in mid Finland. 

I saw the sun casting its faint light on the trees today and I had to go out for a while to take some pictures. 

Although what I wrote above might seem depressing and sad I actually love this time of the year. With snow even in the trees everything is so beautiful. Well, just look at the photos.


Mansion in faint winter sunlight
Juthbacka Mansion in Nykarleby, Finland

Small wooden houses of Nykarleby in winter
Small town in winter setting

Tracks in the snow
The sun touched the snow from a horizontal angle.

Red old wooden house in winter setting
Old house by the Juthbacka Mansion.

Sun on spruces in winter.
The Juthbacka houses in the beautiful december sunlight.

Old houses in snow.
Juthbacka Mansion.


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