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The Aurora Just Exploded!

There are so many things I could say about the aurora I saw on Sunday March 13 2022 (actually Monday since most happened after midnight). But this time I will simply leave you with my photos and their captions. It's now three days ago and I still haven't manage to edit all my photos but the best of is sort of ready.

I have rarely seen such an intense show here on 63,5 degrees north. So fasten your seatbelt and follow me along on a jaw dropping ride and see what happened when the aurora exploded.

Red houses and the northern lights
The main outburst came after I had waited for it here by these old wooden houses. The one to the right is actually a hotel.

Aurora borealis corona
Coronas like this appeared repeatedly during the 90 minutes of aurora craziness.

Nykarleby water tower with northern lights above it.
Finally I managed to capture our local water tower surrounded by auroral activity.

Extremely strong northern lights.
I kept dropping my jaw again and again. This must have been one of those occasions.

Very strong aurora and the moon.
Pure magic.

Graveyard chapel and a giant aurora borealis shape.
Aurora over the graveyard chapel.

More photos, more stories. Which one would you want to hang on your wall?


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