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November's Hidden Secret

As I am writing this blog post the snow we have had for a few days is melting. There's water and half melted snow everywhere, the sky is covered by a thick cloud cover and the weather does certainly not inspire me to take photos.

It is the typical November weather. And days are getting shorter. Darkness comes sneaking in already att 4 pm. These are the reasons for November's bad reputation. People say they really dislike it. Some even hate it.

But I disagree. Because November has a hidden secret. At times it provides the most beautiful scenery. Like it did a week ago, on November 6 when we still hadn't got any snow. What a beautiful morning that was! The frost had grown on every branch of every tree, dressing them up in silver.

All these photos are taken within a five minute walking distance from my office. What a blessing to live in this country! #finland

And a special thanks to November!

Sunlight through frosty trees.
Breathtaking. It did not only take my breath but also made me speechless.

Frost covered autumn leaves.
Best of both worlds—autumn leaves' colours and the frost cover that hints about the season to come.

Silver frosty trees and the church of Nykarleby
Silver covered trees and our beautiful church.

Surreal frosty trees around a little red house.
The little red house in a surreal world.

Icicles on iron items.
The frost is really only tiny icicles and they can grow everywhere.

Frosty tree against blue sky.
The blue sky made the frost even more beautiful.

Frosty trees and grass by the river.
November's best secret: a surreal and amazing landscape.

Frost on a rose.
Frost on a rose.


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