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Nordic Landscape is now Nordland Aurora

In 2023 I have transformed Nordic Landscape into Nordland Aurora. There are five reasons for the name change, but I will tell you about the most important one.

It's unique. I'm currently the only one using that brand which means my website is easy to find, as are my social media accounts. Look for nordic landscape and you will find many websites and social media accounts, blog posts etc. that are using that combination of words.

Here are links to all the places where you can find Nordland Aurora:

Website (Don't click this link! You ARE on my website right now.)

Nordland Aurora logo
The logo hasn't changed much. I still use the calligraphic N with the falling star.

The name Nordland Aurora has, of course, a story. First of all I wanted something with the word Aurora since it's an important part of what I do.

Second, I wanted to get rid of the hyphen that I had in my old domain name.

Then I started brainstorming and I tried hundreds of words and combinations. When I made Nordic Landscape into Nordland I felt the solution was there. And the domain was available.

The domain was registered in March and shortly after the brand was registered as an alternate company name under Crealio Design. Nordland Aurora was now ready to go live.

However, life happened and I suddenly found myself having loads of graphic design jobs which made me put my website development on hold for a while. Well, now is the time to concentrate more on Nordland Aurora again and that feels fantastic.

My passion is still to make magical moments permanent so people can enjoy them every day. Magical moment may be brief. But a framed photo print on your wall showing such a moment will make that moment last for years.

Ove Lillas,

October 26 2023

Video: Why I changed my brand name (well, you already know).


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