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Lightning Strikes

This photo was taken in 2014. I had been waiting for the perfect thunderstorm to capture, but doing that in Finland is difficult.

Let me tell you why: 1. The summer is short and often not very warm. You need a certain temperature before thunderstorms occur and we usually have that only in July and August. 2. It's light all night in the summer. Yes, day and night. And you need darkness in order to capture the lightning so you can have the shutter open, ready to capture the lightning. No darkness until mid August where I live (63.5° N) which means only thunderstorms in late August are possible to shoot if they happen late at night. But on August 14 2014 the conditions were perfect. I headed out to the beach and mounted my camera on the tripod, opened the shutter and—BANG! This was my first shot!

I took a series of lightning shots during the next 30 minutes. Some of them truly awesome. But it was not until I made a alternate editing of this photo that I realized how good it was. When all the details in the clouds became visible and you can see the rain falling.

The reactions I have got to this photo have been awesome. People seem to like just as much as I do myself. Some have even hung it on their wall, which is an honour.

You can order a print from my webshop if you too want it on your wall.

I keep coming back to this photo again and again because it's so powerful. When lightning strikes you don't want to be too close. But imagine the day when we can collect all the electrical power from lightnings. Our energy problems would be solved!

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