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Tenderness on the Night Sky

I simply can't not publish this photo from last night. I decided very late to go Aurora hunting and as I drove through town I decided to go to a place I haven't tried for Aurora shooting before (Klippan, Monäs, Finland).

It's a 30 minute drive from home and I arrived at around 11:45 pm. It's out in the darkness quite far from any street lights or villages so there's no problem with light pollution there.

The Aurora grew after a while and I got over 100 Northern Lights photos. But one that I really like more than the others is this one, where the Aurora holds the moon and hugs her gently. Cute, isn't it?

Feel I have to put some extra effort in composing a musical piece for this photo and it might take a while before that appears on my website. But there's a lot of emotion to draw out of this photo.



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