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September Morning Fog

A Seagull in sand.

A Seagull in sand.

I have visited this beach many many times. (I tried to count, and it's probably approaching 200 times by now!) It's honestly an important part of my life. There's a christian campsite there (Klippan) that I visit several times every year.

And then there are visits to this beach with my family on hot summer days and sometimes just by myself on foggy mornings like this one or on bright but cold spring days just to take photos. There are always things to shoot there.

Anyway, this time I happened to be there on an early September morning. Read more about that on

I made my way to the beach, it's called Storsand by the way, well before sunrise. I wanted to capture the light at and right before sunrise but I didn't expect such a thick fog. It was like a wall!

I shot details, sandformations and of course the sunrise which was spectacular in the fog.




Can you see the sun?

Finally the sun challenged the fog and seemed to win.

Dramatic light.

Sandlines burning in the first sunlight. Shadows still on top of the sand formations.

These lovely shapes hit by the horisontal rays as the sun rose over the horizon.

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