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An Introduction to Aurora Forecasts

Part 1 of my preparations for Northern Lights photography is knowing when to head out in the darkness. That's why I always keep my eyes on the Aurora Forecasts.

In this video I explain how the Northern Lights forecasts work and how you can learn to use indexes such as Kp, Bz and Hemispheric Power. When using aurora forecast apps and websites it's sometimes confusing with all the different numbers. I have made it as simple for you as possible – you don't have to learn them all, at least not as a beginner. But you should not go into the trap of just looking at the Kp index, which many aurora spotters do. Unfortunately they will not always get the help they want from just looking at that index. But don't worry. I have a simple formula that anyone can use and that works surprisingly well.

Start the video and be introduced to a simple way of using the data in the aurora forecast apps and websites. Below the video is also some links to Aurora forecast websites and apps.


SpaceWeatherLive website:

AuroraSaurus storm tracker website:

Aurora Service Europe website:

For aurora forecast apps: please search where you download your apps. I recommend the SpaceWeatherLive app.

Free checklist on how to deal with cloudy weather:

Free ebook Northern Lights Stories:​

Ove Lillas personal Aurora website with blog and webshop:


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