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Light Nights Are Back!

You are finished with your day and ready to go to bed. It's close to midnight. You brush your teeth and start walking towards the bedroom.

Then you look out of the window.

The sky is bright, clouds are beautiful and the sunset colours are still present at the horizon. The sun set only a few moments ago. It's beautiful and you are struck by a familiar (nordic summer night) feeling: “I don't want to go to bed. The night is too beautiful.” I think many Finns and Scandinavians know exactly what I mean. Light nights do something to us. We tend to sleep too little in the summer because we simply don't want to go to bed when nights are so beautiful.

Sometimes I open the door and take a walk around the house before I go to bed. Birds are still singing. It's calm and bright. No traffic. A little chilly.

This is how our nights are up here on the 63 degree.

Amazing sunset by the rocky shoreline of Finland.
Nordic night scenery.

Last night I went to my parents' summer cottage together with a friend. We had a sauna and I took my first swim for the season in the cold sea. When we headed home we had to stop and take some pictures as the sun just had disappeared behind the north horizon, right into the sea. I am so blessed to live where I do. And you are probably too. Open your eyes to all the beauty that surrounds you!

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