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The problem with Aurora trips. And the solution.

Travelling north to see the Northern Lights has become more and more popular. It's a dream for many people to see the Aurora Borealis with their own eyes.

Unfortunately this dream does not always come true for those making that trip.

I have often wondered how many Aurora trips are made without the desired result. If anyone has any insight into that, please let me know. Is it 25%? 50%? Even 75%? I don't know.

This is what people would expect seeing on an Aurora trip.

One thing is for sure. If anyone comes to my town, Nykarleby, during the Northern Lights season, which is from September to April, the chance of seeing the Aurora is absolutely less than 25%. This autumn has been a very active Aurora period, but cloudy skies have made it impossible to see more than once a month. That's a 3.34% chance.

I became very aware of this when my family hosted a French student for a week last February. I promised her and the others in the French group visiting Nykarleby that I would keep checking the Aurora forecasts (and the sky) and take them on an Aurora safari if the Northern Lights appeared.

They didn't.

Two common problems combined: a faint Aurora and a cloudy sky.

When I started thinking more about this I figured I could easily create a Northern Lights experience with my photos and the stories about them. My experience of the phenomenon should be shared.

That's when I created Aurora 100, an indoor Aurora experience with 100% chance of seeing the very best Aurora moments (hence the name). In addition, you don't have to wait for it, you don't have to get cold, you don't have to lose hours of sleep.

This is available for anyone visiting my region. I even made it mobile so I can take it to companies, schools, events and show it on location. As long as the facilities offer darkness and proper sound equipment.

Right now I'm preparing for my first show and it's gonna be exciting to see the reactions. I have plans to develop this concept on many levels but I prefer taking small steps to begin with. Here's my promo video for the Aurora 100 show.

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