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A cool way of giving presents

Are you late with your Christmas presents? No problem! Here is a solution that will be available until 21 December*.

(If it is a Christmas gift. More information at the bottom.)

Why don't you give someone an exotic fine art landscape photograph? The reciever of this fine gift should, of course, have the opportunity to choose which photo he or she would like, don't you think?

But instead of buying a traditional gift voucher you can now order a customized video message personally made for the one you want to surprise with this gift. Here's how such a message could look:

Go to to learn more and to shop for gifts. There's more info there on how it works.

Well, that's all for now. By the way, I promise to be more active on my blog. Until next time, check out my photos in my webshop, read old blog posts and listen to the music on my website.

See you soon!

* If the video message has to be available on Christmas I must get your order before 22 December. But you can order this at any time after that, too. This service will be available from now on.

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