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Nordic Landscape by Crealio Design (shortened to Nordic Landscape) is a brand associated with the Crealio Design company based in Nykarleby, Finland. 

Nordic Landscape's sole photographer is Ove Lillas who is also the owner of the company. All contacts with Nordic Landscape will at this point be with me personally. All communication through the email address is directly with me.


Nordic Landscape  
Topeliusesplanaden 12 A 4


Crealio Design's international VAT Number: FI13982680. (Finnish VAT number: 1398268-0)


  • It is assumed that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions agreement before ordering products or services from Nordic Landscape.


  • Items you want to buy are added to the cart when you click the button "add to cart". The cart is shown in every page in the upper right corner. For check-out, click the cart icon.

  • The price will be shown in the shopping cart before finishing the order.

  • When the order is completed, a confirmation of the order will be sent to you by email. Please, immediately check that all the information in the email is correct.

  • VISA and MASTER debit/credit cards are accepted, as well as PAYPAL payment. It's also possible to make direct off-line payment. Contact Nordic Landscape for further information:

  • The Nordic Landscape website is hosted on the platform. provides me with the online platform that allows me to sell my products and services to You.

  • All direct payment gateways offered by and used by my company adhere to the standards set by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a joint effort of brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. PCI-DSS requirements help ensure the secure handling of credit card information by our store and its service providers.


  • Purchased and payed items will be sent within one week from the date of your order confirmation. Delays might occur due to "force majeure" situations, such as, health condition and holidays.

  • Worldwide shipping is free.

  • You can also pick up your purchased item from my office. Please contact me for further details.​​

  • If you have any questions regarding shipping, please contact me.

  • When receiving your order, please check immediately that the item is the same as in your received confirmation email.


  • Large photo prints are delivered together with the story sheet and a Certificate of Authenticity in a tube that is inserted into a box. To prevent any damage to be caused to the photo print when opening, please follow these instructions:

  • Open the package carefully and as soon as possible after it arrives. 

  • Do not remove the tube from the box. Open the box in one end and remove the tube cap.

  • Carefully curl the edge of the print to loosen it a little from the inside of the tube. Then pull it carefully out of the tube.

  • Prints on art paper has a physical “memory”, meaning they will stay curled until you uncurl them. To do this, carefully uncurl your print by placing it upside down on a flat and clean surface. Make sure there is nothing on the surface that may damage the photo. Then remove the tube from the box. Open the box in both ends and push the cap in one end while pulling the tube out from the other end. Place the tube on the edge of the print. Carefully curl the print to the outside of the tube​. This can be done a couple of times for best result. The print does not have to become totally flat.

  • Have the photo print framed as soon as possible to keep it protected and to elevate its appearance. A framed, protected and undamaged print will keep its value—and increase in value over time. If the print has to be stored before framing, please make sure it's kept safe from dust, dirt and fluids. Store it flattened, tentatively between two cardboards.

  • I recommend to have it framed in a discrete frame that will not steal attention from the photo. I recommend Northern Lights photos to be surrounded by a black or dark mat, since they are only seen in darkness.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about your print, storage or framing, do not hesitate to contact me. I will gladly answer any of your questions as soon as I can.


  • Crealio Design is not responsible for any refunds after item has been sent.

  • You have the right to return a purchased item 14 days after arrival. 

  • If you want to return the item within 14 days upon arrival, please send an email to Make sure to include your name, address, email, order number, date and description of item.

  • If the ordered item is damaged, please contact the delivery company.

  • In case of any other problem, contact Nordic Landscape.

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