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Aurora Season Started with Style

Girl pointing to the Northern Lights above her head.
Nora pointing to the Northern Lights.

On August 27 I saw the first Northern Lights of the 2021–2022 season. The aurora season start is sometimes in mid or even early August. This season started a little later. This might be due to inactive auroras or cloudy weather. It was a beautiful show with auroras rising very high, which isn't the normal scenario here on the Finnish west coast.

I took my 20 year old daughter Nora with me and we went to a spectacular place where flat rocks stretch out in the sea in the middle of a sandy beach. I discovered this place recently and I will definitely go there again.

The aurora was not exceptionally strong but it was fairly big. I and my daughter had a great photo shoot and got some cool photos. Enjoy!

Northern Lights over twilight horizon
The sunset colors still had colored the horizon as we approached midnight.

Aurora Borealis dancing over rocks and pools.
There were pools everywhere reflecting the green light in the sky.

Aurora night by the beach
Sandy beaches and flat rocks. What a marvellous place!

This one is perhaps my favourite. It's called “No Words”. Now available as a print. Just click here and read the story about it. Click the photo above to see it in the web shop.

Woman sitting by the sea watching the northern lights.
I will return to this place. That's a promise.


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