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Autumn colours

A few weeks ago I took a walk in the beautiful autumn landscape with my camera. It wasn't sunny and I decided to try to capture the October feel on a normal overcast day. Sunny autumn days are rare, it seems.

The autumn leaves have been extra colourful this year. They say it's because the summer was so cold and dry. I haven't had much time to capture it so I'm glad I did at least once.

This walk by the river is a favourite photo location. My photo Winter Breath (available from my webshop) is taken here. And the one below is taken from the same spot as the second last one in my previous blog post. Check it out here.

Some of these photos are made with the HDR (High Density Range) technique. This allows me to create a photo that shows what I really saw. The limitations of the camera makes it impossible for it to cover details in the cloudy sky, which are light, and at the same time the details in the shadow of the trees. With my eyes I can see it but when I'm taking a photo I have no option but to choose which one I want to capture.

Luckily this HDR method gives me the opportunity to take several photos with different settings and combine them into one photo where all those details, both the dark ones and the light ones, are visible.

If anyone calls that manipulating they certainly have misunderstood what landscape photography is all about – making the world as we can see it available within the picture frames of a photo.

I'll try to cover more of this topic in a future blog post. Remind me if I forget it!

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