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This is an old favourite of mine and of my buyers. I have not sold these 2 big Deluxe prints although they are 100% intact. The reason for the 50% discount is that this image's format differs from the 70 x 50 cm format that I normally offer. However the print media is 70 x 50 cm so it fits perfectly into a 70 x 50 cm frame. I also have to admit that this is a little to heavily edited and does not fit in my catalog anymore since I aim at making my photos as authentic as possible. This one is a little too coloful, but people have realli liked it for what it is.


It has all the benefits of a DELUXE series print:
• Printed on Hight Quality Art Paper

• Signed and numbered (No. 5 and 6 available in this sale offer)

• Certificate of Authenticity included

• Comes will the complete true story



Read the story about the photo by scrolling down (phone) or to the right (desktop).


Deluxe photos are delivered in a tube.




Prints are unframed. For more info about shipping, unpacking and framing: See Terms and Conditions.

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All photos in the Nordland Aurora webshop are taken by me.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. You can email me on



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Still Waiting 67 x 44 cm

196,00€ Regular Price
98,00€Sale Price
  • On March 16 2018 I expected a great aurora show, just like the one I had captured only two days earlier. But the Northern Lights did not quite live up to my expectations.


    I headed out at 11 PM. It was –18 degrees Celsius (roughly 0°F) and no wind. The sky was clear and the night sky was filled with stars. The view was breathtaking. 


    The aurora was like a diffuse green backdrop stretching over the northern horizon. I expected it to become stronger at some point so I started looking for suitable foreground objects when I discovered this bench, covered in snow and looking like it was waiting for the season it was built for (summer, in case you wonder). It was the perfect foreground as it gave me two objects from different seasons meeting in one photo. This helped me choose the title for the photo.


    I was careful not to walk close to it and putting shoe marks on the untouched snow before I had taken photos from a distance. So I approached it slowly, stopping every meter to take photos. 



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