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Jepokryddona folk music group

Jepokryddona (formed in 1994) is a folk group made up of Swedish speaking Finns who, for the most part, play traditional wedding music from Jeppo. The girls have toured the Nordic countries, Russia, Canada, USA, Germany and Australia. They have all got to know each other very well and there has been lots of fun throughout the years. Even though being a member of the group has taken up a lot of the girls' time, playing in the group has been a hobby, and they have all also been studying/working. 

Christine Julin-Häggman is the leader of the group. When the girls first began to play, four of them had her as their classical violin teacher. Later on they joined her ensemble group and thanks to Christine's passion for folk music, and the girls being inspired by that, folk music is what the group mainly has been playing. Christine is very talented and ambitious and takes care of most of the arrangements of both musical and practical things for the group.

Jepokryddona folk music group
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© All photos by Ove Lillas | Nordland Aurora

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